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Field Service Management

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Field Management Solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to optimise field service operations, including Planned Preventative Maintenance, System and Asset Management, and Engineer Timesheets. Seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central, this solution empowers businesses to streamline their field service processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity. 

Field Service Management


Planned Preventative Maintenance 


Reactive Cases 


Sales Quotes 


System and Asset Management 


API Integrations for existing field service applications 


Service Contracts 


Jobs / Project Management  


Defect Tracker 


Engineer Timesheets 




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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Ensure equipment reliability and longevity with scheduled maintenance. Our module allows you to proactively plan and manage preventive maintenance tasks, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime for your clients. By automating maintenance schedules, you can extend the lifespan of assets, optimise performance, and minimise disruptions to your operations. 

Signing a Contract

Service Contracts

Simplify service contract management with our module. Create, track, and manage service contracts effortlessly, ensuring clear communication of terms, conditions, and deliverables. Enhance customer relationships by providing transparency and delivering services in accordance with agreed-upon contractual obligations. The module also enables you to automate contract renewals and billing processes, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. 

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Reactive Cases

Respond swiftly to customer issues and service requests. Our module facilitates the efficient handling of reactive cases, allowing your engineering or operations team to quickly address problems and provide timely solutions. With a centralized system for case management, you can track the entire lifecycle of each service request, ensuring accountability and customer satisfaction. 

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Jobs/Project Management

Streamline your service jobs and projects from initiation to completion. Our module offers robust project management tools, allowing you to plan, assign tasks, budget and monitor progress. With integrated communication features, your team can collaborate effectively, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Sales Quotes

Accelerate your quoting process and improve accuracy with our Sales Quotes feature. Generate service-related quotes seamlessly within the module, incorporating all relevant details and pricing information. This not only enhances the professionalism of your quoting process but also expedites the sales cycle, giving your team a competitive edge. 

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Defect Tracker

Prioritise and resolve defects efficiently with our Defect Tracker. Capture, categorize, and track issues reported by customers, ensuring a systematic approach to resolution. By centralising defect information, you can identify trends, implement corrective actions, and continuously improve product or service quality. 

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Remedial Work

Tackle remedial work promptly and effectively. Our module provides a structured approach to managing and resolving issues, whether identified through routine maintenance or reported by customers. With a streamlined process for remedial work, you can maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and uphold your commitment to quality service. 

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System and Asset Management

Gain comprehensive control over your systems and assets. Our module provides a centralised repository for managing and tracking systems and assets throughout their lifecycle. This includes detailed records of specifications, serial number management, maintenance history, and related documentation. With improved visibility, you can optimise asset utilisation and make informed decisions. 


 Financial Analysis

Our standard Finance Work in Progress (WIP) feature goes beyond traditional project management by seamlessly integrating critical financial functionalities, including Cost Allocation, Revenue Recognition, and Budget vs. Actual Analysis. With detailed insights into budget adherence and actual expenditures, you can confidently steer projects towards financial success. 

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Engineer Timesheets

Streamline time-tracking for field service engineers with our user-friendly Timesheets feature. Capture accurate data on working hours, tasks performed, and materials used. This not only ensures fair compensation for your team but also provides valuable insights into project costs, invoicing customers and resource allocation. 

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API Integrations for Existing Field Service Applications

Seamlessly integrate our module with your existing field service applications through robust APIs. This integration enhances interoperability, allowing data to flow seamlessly between systems. Whether it's synchronising customer information or updating service status, our module ensures a cohesive and connected field service ecosystem. 


''I don't think there is an area of the system we don't use''

"Moving to Business Central has improved all areas of our business operations, from our handheld warehouse solution, right through to our website integration. I don't think there is an area of the system we don't use. Enhance Dynamics professional approach, has equipped us with the knowledge and tools to allow for continued growth of the business, whilst maintaining our renowned customer service."

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