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Manufacturing & NPD

Our tailored Manufacturing and New Product Development (NPD) solution integrates core features like Production Orders, Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Scheduling, Shop Floor Control, Capacity Planning, and Bill of Materials management, providing a sturdy foundation for efficient production planning, resource allocation, and inventory management.  


Additionally, our solution offers specialised tools for NPD and Quality Control, facilitating seamless collaboration across teams and enabling businesses to innovate and bring new products to market more rapidly. With integrated project management, document control, versioning capabilities, and robust Quality Control features including real-time monitoring, comprehensive inspection workflows, and traceability functionalities. 

Features of Manufacturing with Business Central


Effortless Production Orders

Streamline your manufacturing process with Dynamics 365 Business Central's intuitive Production Orders feature. Easily create and manage orders, ensuring a smooth and efficient production workflow. 


Optimized Routing

Boost efficiency by defining and managing production routes. Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers you to sequence operations and allocate work centers seamlessly. 


Comprehensive Shop Floor Control

Gain real-time visibility into your manufacturing operations. Monitor, control, and track the progress of production orders effortlessly, ensuring a well-coordinated shop floor.


Holistic Capacity Planning

Achieve production excellence with both finite and infinite capacity planning options. Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you balance workloads and avoid resource bottlenecks.


 Dynamic Bill of Materials (BOM)

Stay in control of your product structure with our Bill of Materials functionality. Define and maintain detailed BOMs, specifying all the components needed for your finished products. 


Smart Capacity Planning

Take the guesswork out of resource management with our advanced capacity planning tools. Optimise resource utilisation, schedule tasks effectively, and enhance overall productivity.


Strategic Work Centers

Define and manage work centers with precision. Specify resources, labour, and machinery requirements to ensure seamless manufacturing processes. 


Seamless Module Integration

Experience the power of integration. Our Manufacturing Module seamlessly integrates with Inventory Management, Sales, and Purchasing modules, providing a unified view of your business operations. 


ENHANCE - New Product Development Module

Experience the power of our bespoke New Product Development (NPD) module seamlessly integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central. Streamline your end-to-end NPD process, from ideation to product launch, with a user-friendly interface. Manage ingredients comprehensively, including detailed nutritional information tracking, and effortlessly create recipes and Bills of Materials.  


Leverage advanced reporting capabilities for real-time insights, optimise resources, and track costs while ensuring regulatory compliance. With workflow automation, efficient resource allocation, and seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central, our NPD module empowers your team to bring innovative products to market efficiently, monitor post-launch performance, and scale for future growth, providing a comprehensive solution for your business's NPD needs. 


ENHANCE - Quality Control Excellence

Elevate your manufacturing standards with our bespoke Quality Control module, seamlessly incorporated into Dynamics 365 Business Central. Define precise quality triggers for shipments, receipts and Production Orders, while also conducting periodic inventory and warehouse spot checks with ease. Efficiently assign quality checks to dedicated teams based on location, work center, and production type, ensuring thorough and systematic monitoring. Retrieve a thorough record of historic quality checks and related actions effortlessly through Dynamics 365 Business Central, promoting transparency and accountability.  


''I don't think there is an area of the system we don't use''

"Moving to Business Central has improved all areas of our business operations, from our handheld warehouse solution, right through to our website integration. I don't think there is an area of the system we don't use. Enhance Dynamics professional approach, has equipped us with the knowledge and tools to allow for continued growth of the business, whilst maintaining our renowned customer service."

Richard Mantell - Director, Specialist Sports


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